Vapor Buddy Pipe

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  • The VaporBuddy Vaporizer is one of the strongest and best vaporisers on the market. The two piece screw off top vaporizer is virtually unbreakable.
  • The VaporBuddy Vaporizer is made of a high quality cool aluminum which is then ionized it an ultra cool look and feel.
  • Vapo rBuddy Vaporizer Functionality: The VaporBuddy Vaporizer uses a ceramic stone in its screw off top to transfer heat to your blend while using your everyday lighter.
  • This is what is known as the heat transfer method of vaporizing.
  • The VaporBuddy Vaporizer comes in a multitude of ionized colors to choose from and as its been ionized and not painted the color wont wear or scratch.
  • packed in 8 (each @  £4.99)
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